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Customer Testimonials

"Historically we have dealt with significant challenges with component failures related to contaminated oil, particularly relating to hydraulics. It is no secret in the industry that oil contamination can be traced to the majority of these failures.

We have chosen GreenCo Filtration as our partner to implement bypass depth filtration technology across the most critical assets in our fleet. GreenCo is the first vendor we have come across that has made the implementation of this technology their sole focus. Not only do they work with us on designing and installing the systems, they provide oil analysis trending that demonstrates that the product is performing. GreenCo's systems have demonstrated the ability to take a hydraulic system with an oil sample that has tested critical and return that system back to a condition that is not only acceptable, but better than new oil condition specs.

Working with GreenCo, we are increasing both our oil and equipment life while decreasing our down time. We are very pleased with the ROI being recognized and the quality of service."

Ralph LoPriore

Director of Fleet Assets and Processes

Gary Merlino Construction Company

Seattle, WA


"We have worked with GreenCo over the last couple of years to implement offline depth filtration systems on our fleet of large forklifts. We have historically dealt with a significant number of pump, valve, and cylinder failures on these machines that we have traced back to hydraulic contamination issues.

Implementing GreenCo's filtration products across our fleet has proven results, via oil analysis, with our hydraulic oil condition now being much improved. We are already recognizing an ROI, with hydraulic failures significantly decreasing across our fleet. GreenCo Filtration is a quality organization to work with and I highly recommend their products and services."

John Meade

Equipment Manager

Samson Tug and Barge Company, Inc.

Seattle, WA


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