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Bypass Depth Filtration Makes a Difference

Contaminants from 1 to 40 microns in size are common in full-flow filtered lubricants and coolants. Larger contaminants nest into areas around bearings, rings, pumps, etc. and damage component surfaces. Smaller contaminants, that cannot be removed by full-flow filters, cause wear by a process called silting.

For many years, partial-flow filtration has been used to supplement full-flow filters to remove larger quantities of contaminants and to control silting. Sometimes called a kidney loop, these filters are designed to filter a small stream of fluid; returning the filtered fluid to the sump of the system. These filters typically hold particles from 1 to 10 microns. Smaller quantities of flow allow the filters to remove slighter particles without affecting the normal functions of the system.

We did not invent partial-flow filtration, but we are proud to be working with the best as a certified Harvard Corporation distributor. Harvard's patented, nonchanneling seals improve partial-flow filtration by forcing oil through a tightly wound fiber-filter media, allowing for optimal levels of depth filtration.

Depth filters work by both direct interception of particles and absorption (molecular attraction of particles). These filters use several types of media to achieve the goal of holding particles. The fluid must take a longer path through the filter before exiting. Normally, these filters have large holding capacities and initially have a higher resistance to flow.

Independent studies conducted by the Center for Hazardous Materials Research at the University of Pittsburgh demonstrated the effectiveness of our nonchanneling, partial-flow filter. The filter removes virtually all remaining 1 to 40 micron contaminants while also removing the vast majority of silting particles. In addition, the filter absorbs water, antifreeze and other extraneous particles.

Typical Hydraulic Bypass Filtration System - "Excavator"

Typical Engine Bypass Filtration System

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