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Harvard Oil Filtration Systems - Turn Key Kits To Fit All Applications

Kenworth T880 MX-13 - Harvard 150 Engine System (See Facebook link below for additional installs)

Lubricants don't wear out - they simply get dirty.

Preventive Maintenance is the most important factor in reducing equipment downtime. Changing lubricants and filters is done for one reason - contaminants inhibit lubricants from performing their functions of cooling, cleaning, sealing, and lubricating.

At GreenCo, our bypass depth "kidney loop" filtration systems are designed to provide the best in fluid filtration - removing contaminants down to 1 micron, including water and antifreeze.

Our bypass filtration systems utilize Harvard Corporation filtration technology (The finest in "Constant Contamination Control"). Whether it's an engine, hydraulic, or gear oil system, we have you covered with standard and customized products and solutions to fit any size application.

Did you know that over 75% of hydraulic problems are caused from oil contamination?

Komatsu PC400 Hydraulic Bypass Filtration System (See Facebook link below for additional installs)

As the central component of any hydraulic system, contaminated oil is often a major reason for system failure. More than seventy-five percent (75%) of all problems can be linked to contaminated oil, making the monitoring of oil cleanliness and the prevention of oil contamination the most important factors in mitigating system downtime and the need for costly repairs and component replacements.

Seventy-five percent (75%) of critical hydraulic clearances are less than 10 microns, while the majority of factory equipped hydraulic filters are rated at a "Nominal" 10 microns. This allows for smaller particulates to pass through the equipment's stock filtration and remain in the system, resulting in abrasive wear and silting - a build up of fine particles that can compromise the condition of the oil.

What are contaminants and how big is a micron?

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